Stop!! Slaughter & Massacre Of Dolphins In Japan

Thousands Of Helpless Dolphins Are Savagely Butchered In Taiji Japan Each And Every Year!!

The Slaughter Of Dolphins


Every September, just off the coast of the southern Japanese fishing village of Taiji, tens of thousands of dolphins gather to feast on the abundant fish located there. Thousands of the lively dolphin can be seen leaping through the air, blowing huge plumes of seawater in the air. A breathtaking sight to witness, dolphins playfully chasing after each other after having eaten their fair share of fish.

Unfortunately, this annual event will turn into a horror story for these helpless and innocent dolphins.  Over the next six months in Taiji Japan, thousands of dolphins (including the juveniles) will be hacked to death by a large group of Japanese fishermen, who kill them with a ferocity not seen anywhere else on earth.

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Save The Dolphins!


The horror of the Taiji dolphin slaughter was brought to world-wide attention in 2009 by the award-winning documentary “The Cove.” In spite of global outcry, the killing is scheduled to begin this coming September. Please help Ric O’Barry and his Save Japan Dolphins Team end the slaughter.

O’Barry leads an international effort to stop the killing of dolphins, end the trafficking in live dolphins to theme parks and captive swim-with-the-dolphins attractions and continues to lecture and speak out against the captivity industry.

Click On Link  “DOLPHINS”  and sign the petition today. Please help end this senseless slaughter!

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